Bar Bites

Tidbits and Pupus
  Cosmo Tidbits

Crispy prawns, Crab Rangoon, Cheese Balls and Lamb Ribs for two   88.00

Crab Rangoon

Spiced crab &cream cheese filling. Crispy fried wontons   57.00

Tempura Calamari

Golden fried, Wasabi aioli  59.00

Beef Cho-Cho (N)

Rare beef skewers, soy sake glaze,

finished at the table over a flaming hibachi  57.00

Crispy Prawns

Marinated & breaded in panko 78.00

Cheese Balls (V)

Cheddar, emmental, coriander, golden fried  55.00

Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls (V)

Butternut squash, carrot, snow peas, mango mizuna salad,

chili dipping sauce   49.00

HAWAIIAN Chicken Skewers (A)

Seasoned chicken skewers, teriyake glazed

chopped pineapple  47.00

Bar Bites
FRAGRANT Chicken wings (A) 

Boneless chicken wings braised in brandy & spices

Fried crisp with 5 spice salt  48.00


Crabmeat, artichoke bottoms, parmesan cheese,

                               tortilla chips   71.00                  

   Lamb chi chis

Crisp lamb fries, savory salt & fresh lime  35.00

spiced tempura cauliflower (V)

Ginger, garlic, fresh chili stir-fry, oyster sauce glaze  38.00

chicken potstikers

Pan fried & served with garlic-soy vinaigrette  46.00

Prawns a la plancha (A)

Chopped garlic & coriander

topped with beurre blanc  78.00

Spicy Tuna Tartare (N)

Minced ahi tuna, sesame seeds, sriracha,

served on crispy nori chips  71.00

avocado toast (V) (N)

Sourdough, olive oil drizzel, avocado

curry-seasoning  45.00

Trader Vic’s Sliders 

Three beef burgers, on soft brioche  76.00

Korean chicken sliders

Gochujang marinated fried chicken, katsu slaw

Chili aioli, soft brioche buns  72.00

duck & fried rice

Our famous fried rice

finished with our slow-cooked 5 spice duck   75.00

Chicken Penne Pasta (A) (N)

Macadamia creamy pesto  82.00

              Edamame Beans (V)                

Blanched, rock salt  25.00

Fillet steak sandwich (A)

Grilled, jack cheese, tomato, lettuce,

herbed ciabatta, bearnaise, fries   82.00

Duck spring rolls

Roasted & shredded, deep fried duck rolls

chili hoisin sauce  48.00


Katsu style chicken breast, house made pickled

jalapeno mayonnaise, brioche bun, salted tomato,

peppered bacon, iceberg lettuce  68.00

Tempura Fish & chips

Alaskan cod, crunchy batter, steak fries, katsu slaw,

Vic’s tartar sauce  71.00